Parish Curate-in-Charge: The Revd Ros Fairless
Parish Council: Priest’s Warden: David Aslett
  People’s Warden: Ray Cross
  Treasurer: Peter Harrison
  Secretary: Julia Holloway
  Councilors: Richard Atkinson, Gill Burbidge, Pene Brunning, Keryl Caird, Barbara Hatch, Donald Holloway, Marylin Snow.

For more information or to contact us, please email contact@stbasilschurch.org.au

Bible and Book Studies:  we regularly have varying book studies, next February we will begin reading Richard Rohr’s book “A Lever and a Place to Stand”. Next year we will also offer for older members Joan Chittister’s book “The Gift of Years”.

Labyrinth Walks: we have regular walks during the year and offer workshops by an accredited trainer Jan Aslett.

Singing Group: mainly for singing during communion. Run by Gill Burbidge.

Fundraising Committee: Sue Hodgson, David Baker, Keryl Caird, Ilene Garside.